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Bullies Everywhere I Go...

I have 4 bullies. they are a girl named Catherine a girl named Jessica (they are my friends) my sister, and my MOM. They all call me stupid and point out and draw out everything I do wrong. At first I thought it was jokes but then they stopped laughing after they did it... then they kept saying it and kept saying it... now its like they do it intentionally to hurt me... my own FAMILY. and my "friends"!!!!
KristenRS KristenRS 13-15, F 3 Responses Feb 11, 2013

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You may lose faith in everyone else but never in yourself- Optimus Prime. If they bully you then i dont think they're your "friends" im talking from a teenager's point of view and i know from experience that most of the time they make fun of other's to cover their imperfections. I suffered from verbal abuse for at least 2 years with a former "friend" and he spread it to every person i know to join him i just blanked him for the 2 years and now recently he's stopped as its getting old and he knows it doesnt have an effect on me. Hope it helps :)

If you really feel like you are being verbally abused, try sitting down and writing a list of the times that they have hurt you. Write them each a letter detailing how they are hurting you and how you are being affected. Make it very personal to each one,,especially your mother. You should talk to your mother before you give it to her. If your friends do not respond the way you expect then start looking for new friends. If you are not happy and they can't understand it, then they really are not your friends. You are a young lady at a difficult age. Make school your focus

Kristen, have you tried sitting down and talking with your mother alone? Perhaps we can help you, feel free to email me, you can find my email address at my website