I'd Kill Them If I Could.

I hate my ******* family. I hate everything about them. I believe 95% of my life problems stem from them. They are the reason everything is wrong in my life. They are two-faced, gossiping, judgemental, narrow-minded pieces of ****, who deserve the worst.I dont know what I did to deserve this family. The sad thing is that they actually believe they are a good family. And do you know why they believe this? Because they put on a ******* sherade!!!! No, my parents didn't get a divorce, and no one in my family is a hardcore drug addict and no, i didn't get sexually abused although I did get hit as a child. But my family likes to believe they are perfect, that they are the ******* brady bunch. But they are the ******* opposite! 
ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS LOOKING PERFECT. They all put on a ******* sherade for eachother and act like they are this good fuckign family. All they care about is looking good in our community because we come from a stupid piece of **** culture where if life is eating up your insides you still have to smile and act like your a successful, happy teddybear that loves everyone! Behind this warm sherade lies a family full of hypocritical, backstabbing, unworthy scumbags and I hope to god I break away from this hellhole one day and never see the face of any one of these parasites again. It makes me sick I come from the same gene pool as them.

They don't accept me for who I am. They judge me on everything. Just because i'm not a loud, social, obnoxious attention seeking trail of slime like my sister. Im quiet and they use that against me and make fun of me, calling me a depressed loser. I have been severly depressed for quite some time and no one in this family takes it seriously. They have a hard time believing that any one can be unhappy in our BRADY BUNCH LA-DEE-******* DA FAMILY! Im sick and tired of no one taking me seriously because im not a ******* prisoner of war. I have confided in my sisters back when I was naive enough to trust them and when we would get into fights they would use it against me, totally shattering my self-esteem. I called my brother who was living in the states at the time and told him about how depressed I was feeling and truley confided and him, I told him everything. A few months later when he returns home, he tells them everything i told them and they just used it against me some more! I asked him why and he makes fun of me for it telling me to stop being such a baby.

I went to the doctor and she prescribed me anti-depressants. I didn't tell my mom or trust her at first, but I was unsure of taking them, so once again, like a fool, i decided to confide in my mom and brother and ask them what they think of me taking them. And once again, they didn't take me seriously, they told me my problems were stupid and that im depressed for no reason. They told me anti-depressants weren't the problem and that i just had to "suck it up and stop being weak."

As a kid, my sisters insulted me on how i look all the time. Now i have extreme social anxiety and hate the way I look. My mom gets frustrated with me when I tell her how i feel. This family is a fuckign curse. My sister was always trying to compete with me as a kid, and always tried to destroy my self esteem. She always tells people we look alike like she's ******* proud, yet destroyed my self esteem as a kid and constantly calls me ugly!!! What type of game is that to play on some one?

My mother completely disregards how Im feeling. All she cares about is how i act around guests and how she doesn't want me to embarrass her around company. When Im depressed she says, "dont embarrass me around _________ now, don't be all pissy now."

One of my cousins, who our family hates came down from germany for a visit around the time of my birthday. My sister, brother and a few people decided to take me out for my birthday and my other sister (who i have no relationship with what so ever) decided to hang out with our "evil" cousin instead of coming to my birthday. Now i was perfectly fine with her not coming to my birthday celebration seeing as how we hate eachother. So my brother and sister get mad at her for not coming to my birthday. Or at least that was there fuckign bullshit excuse for it. They really didn't give a **** that she didn't come to my birthday, they were just mad because they didn't want her hanging out with the "evil" cousin in the first place. And they have the ******* decency to use my birthday as an excuse. So when we had the actual birthday celebration at my house, it was a total mess and there selfish problems ruined it. Every one was in a pissy mood all cause my sister decided not to come to my birthday, when I didn't give a **** about it in the first place. They were mad because of their own selfish reasons and used me as an excuse. My birthday ended up being a total awkward piece of ****. but thats not the end of it.

When my sisters engagement party was going on at our house, I didn't want to partake in it. And my mom storms into my room and insists I come downstairs. I say I dont want to. She says, if you dont come downstairs, dont ever call me mother again and things of that nature. So naturally, I had to come downstairs, act like everything was ******* okay and smile. But when it was my birthday, every one had a right to act as uncomfortable as they felt. Completely unfair.

When my mom gets mad at one of my brothers and sisters, she doesn't DARE explode at them, she reasons and bargains with them. But she takes it all out on me. Im her ******* punching bag. She still ******* hits me when she's angry, but not them..

I am really fed up with our family, and they always guilt trip me into thinking i have things so easy. They dont see their faults. These negative feelings dont come from no where. Being severely depressed doesn't come from no where. Yet they think I make everything up. I hate my life, and my family is a disease.

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You are all ungrateful selfish little *****. Your parents wouldn't be embarrassed if you weren't doing embarrassing ****. Or maybe you have a terrible reputation? Have you ever considered how your reputation affects your parents? I'm sure your selfish *** haven't. All of you are so ******* ungrateful. Your parents should kill you... ... OR why don't you just run away.??? And be REAL adults. Free-loading ******* ******.

You sound stupid as fûck. Something is obviously wrong in that family and for you to have the balls to call someone that makes you a idiot. Telling someone their parents should ki them. Immature much??

Ur a ******* *** and a *** for saying that ****

so touchy lines for me, seriously.. most of your stories have similarities with my one..dear friend I appreciate it and respect mostly..I think we should create an anti-family organisation..whats your point?

My friend, oddly enough, your family is fairly typical and I empathize! We can chose our friends but not our family. I too come from a family of similar kooks. (I am also a retired, highly educated professional,,,,not because of my family but in Spite of my family)
The world of humans is so shallow and so full of pathetic losers, you need to realize you may not fit because you are much more highly evolved! Check Danny Searle, Delores Cannon on soul ages for a start. Many of of us on earth wonder why we are here and what's our purpose? Well do so by checking on utube and the internet on higher soul advancement, you are probably an advanced soul born into a family of regular (idiots) people. Check out Delores Cannon, dozens of other authors who have treated people like us, discovered to be
superior to most humans on earth at present. You are likely more advanced as I was, my family full of baboons did not have a fraction of my IQ.
Go online, research Ascention, soul ages, life after death.....dozens of doctors and PhD professors with lots to teach!
Good luck, love and peace, from a brother. G

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My family is exactly like that and they compare my to other kids like,"So and So's kids would never do that." or,"Other people's kids always look so happy to be going to school." Like, no! No kids would be happy to go to school. Especially my mom. She calls me a fukin mental freak for cutting. She doesn't fukin understand that the family is the reason for it. When we go to the doctors and the doctor asks,"have you ever been abused?" i have to lie and smile and say,"Nope. Never!"
My mom's friend has a kid in my grade who goes to my school and whenever i bring home a test score, she ignores my grade even if its a good grade and asks me what he got and if i say i don't know she always insults me and then calls her friend and asks and if he got a better score than me, she hits me with this metal rod. A fukin metal rod! She aims for the joints especially my knee joints and my knees are always swollen ans she doesn't even fukin care, she just says,"Good." And when
My dad is just as bad. He's a fukin stalker. He waits until i go into the bathroom to take a shower or go on the toilet then knocks on the door and says,"_______, open the door, I have to use the bathroom." And when i say,"I'm in the bathroom!" He gets this little metal wire and puts it through the hole in the door knob and opens the door and comes inside and hits me. I hate him so fukin much. One day i broke my laptop and he hit me until i couldn't breathe. He skinned my arm and it was bleeding and the popular girls at school asked me what happened and i had to lie and say i feel off my bike.
I hate my family so much. They even told me to kill myself.

my family is the same i want to die so badly and not live any more i hate them all
i wish i could run but they will hunt me down and kill me

i feel so family is against me and nobody is talking to me.they treat me like ****.i havent eaten for a day and half but not even my parents gave a ****.i used to worship my dad but he's now against me too.for no bf dumped me.and he's texting me only when he's horny.i dont have anyone to talk to.i thought my bf would be but.. :( im just 21 and my life has never been good.its been years since i was happy

I hated my family before because I thought they didn't care. I hated even my judgemental relatives. But try to look on the brighter side of life. If you'll focus on the negative things you're feeling, you'll end up feeling negative as well. You will never feel good with them if you make yourself keeps on repeating your bad memories with them. You just need to vent your anger out. I think you just need a person to listen to you :)

Same problem. I hate my family, I want to **** on their graves and spit on their corpses. Hope ur still not stuck with them like I am

Its like we have the same life. Sorry about all of that.

I know how you feel.Personally, I'll kill just my parents if I had the chance. I ******* hate them and wish they will burn in hell. They always try to control my life and they are backstabbing bunch of bastards. My mom is so fake, she will be all nice to peoples but she than starts talking hella crap about them. My dad supports my mom in EVERYTHING! So annoying.

Dude, that sounds EXACTLY like my parents. They are always getting on my nerves, and it ****** me off to no end.

Just kill them. They sound like they deserve to die.

Sounds like my family. Trust me i feel your pain. My family pratically ruined me too. I graduated but still live with these people. Its not easy.

i would tell theme im gonna kill myself but u would actully be running away from home u can stay with one of ur friends

ur family so hateful and u should go tell the police

im sorry i feel the same way

I hate my family too... I want to die... but i still have some things to live for. But some day ill purchase a gun and shoot them to death... after that i plan on kill myself or open fire to the police until they shoot me down.

My other plan is to get some money or some nice way to live and leave them back and never meet them again.

Ok good luck to u.

i agree with you to some extent. I feel that it is my close family thats the problem i hate my parents. People wonder why teens start drugs. well its cuz parents suck

Yeah, Im thinking of handing resumes out soon so i can save up. Luckily i'll have some one like that too take me in their home too. My families very much against a girl moving out before she's married so knowing them they'll try their best to sabatoge my attempts. Thanks for the advice, its nice to know people have gone through the same garbage and have made it out alive. :P

I could leave, but i`m currently a full time student and have no job or no where to go. Im planning on getting job and waiting a year or so and if this continues, I will. Thanks for your support :)

Sounds like Hell!!! If I were you I'd put as much distance as possible between myself and that family and never look back. Are you old enough to just leave?