My grandmother knows I have OCD about my food and drinks. She had the ******* nerve of reaching her hand onto my pizza and picking something off of it. I threw the whole pizza away.
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Yeah, she was probably just an angry feminist taking her bitchiness out on a poor guy's pizza. Damn feminists. And grandmothers. Feminist grandmothers, they're the worst. You should feel oppressed.

Ah, welcome to my club of stalkers. Sorry, but you'll have to wait in line until I can deal with you properly.

Pins and needles, I am. And stalking I'm not. I was just reading your misogynist diatribes against feminism and followed that thread to your account of this oppressive incident. It's just one grievous injury after another isn't it 😉

You followed a logical point I made about modern feminism being a joke, to a post that's nearly a year old. A post that's talking about something that my grandmother did out of spite. Sure seems like you've taken more than a mere glance at my profile.

You would appear to have concluded from my decision to frame a comment on your post about your grandmother within the context of another post revealing a degree of misogyny that I'm studying your profile! That's a classic narcissist's Delusion of Reference 😀.

Not really. You had to scroll all the way down here. You did study my profile, more than a bit. Deny it all you want. You're only fooling yourself.

wow, let it go young man... let it go... That much anger and that much self absorption is no way to go through life.

I'm not angry. I'm just proving a point. You're not my first profile stalker, you won't be that last.


Yes, I'm sure simply legions of affection or attention starved EP members just can't stop themselves from following your every move. It must be hell to be the center of so much concern.

You sound jealous. Are you a bitter old man?

Old, yes. Bitter? No. Just intolerant of the ignorant and self-centered.

Well I'm certainly not ignorant. Self-centered, only slightly. Either way, you saw my post about modern day feminism not representing what it originally stood for and looked at my profile for at least awhile. This post is far down my list, so you honestly can't deny that and call me ignorant. You're probably just being confrontational with me because I'm an atheist. That's most people's excuse.

Almost all my friends are atheists. I'm an academic. What I find so objectionable is your wholesale indictment of feminism without a trace of evidence that you know even the most rudimentary elements of a complex field of competing theoretical frameworks: liberal feminism, radical f, socialist f, post-modern f, transnational f, etc etc. Your comments that some monolithic entity you refer to as modern feminism has some how betrayed an earlier equally monolithic entirely reveals a complete ignorance of a vast corpus of literatures that includes both departures and consistencies with earlier strains or traditions of feminist thought and praxis. But as is so often the case, not knowing a damn thing about what your talking about doesn't stop you from offering a broadside attack against it. So yes in this instance you revealed a stunning ignorance.

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