I cant help it, I feel like I don't belong at all.
My parents split up when I was around 7-9, and then my dad got a girlfriend who hates me with passion and has an older daughter and son who are complete ******** (excuse my language). They steal, swear and fight and are completely embarrassing in public (they tend to get into yelling fights with strangers over completely stupid reasons). And once she (being my dads girlfriend) called me dirty and other things I don't want to say, then acted as if I didn't exist (she and my "father" smoke in front of me when he knows I have bad asthma and its hard to breathe). I use to have nightmares that they'd be driving in the middle of the night, then they'd dump me out on the side of the road no where near my moms house, (I was only ten around the time, and im 15 turning 16 now) it was horrible i'd wake up crying my eyes out. Now I have no feelings besides hatred towards them.

On my moms side,
she always pushes me off on my grandma when she wants to go out and see guys. My aunt (her sister) and my two cousins along with my grandparents only get together when we need to. Which is on holidays and if something bad happens.
I get that their older and have their own lives, but I hate it that we have the need to see each other in those circumstances. I don't know but we use to be very close, now they barely know me (same with my father). I liked it better when I was a little kid, cause none of this s*** happened when I was younger.

Gotta love my family aye?
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I would just live with your grandma

She'd be on my moms side and make me go to her house

I see. Have you told them how you feel, especially your mom?

I've tried but when I get close to telling them everything, they get really mad at me and yell...

Then you need to put your foot down and tell them. Play their game

Thanks I will :)

I tried it with mine and it worked ( unfortunately it might take some time)

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