Just because my dad grew up in a household where he had to grow up and take care of his brothers, he has no right to yell at me to grow up. He expects a 13 year old girl to become an adult over night. Okay, math is my WORST subject, I fail at everything math. My sister is the math genius. She is also the artist, and athletic one. I'm the author.. That's it. I failed my last math test and got into a math enrichment class, my dad gets pi**ed off. I'm extremely happy to have extra help. He screams and yells at me. He doesn't beat me because he had surgery on his arms and can't feel hot cold or even pain. My mom can't beat me because she had surgery on her back, and might have cancer. My sister won't beat me because she doesn't want to touch me. I hate my life!! (not because they won't beat me)
RobinWoods RobinWoods
16-17, F
Aug 20, 2014