My family members are horrible people. They are completely selfish, and only think of themselves. I am stuck living with them because my house is currently unlivable, and I have resorted to getting a mini fridge to keep in my room because they steal my food. They steal food, clothing, toiletries, really anything they can get their hands on. Yet, when it comes time for them to make food, they never share.

This is not the worst of it, it's just part. They also act like children, tattle telling to my mother when I do something that they do not like, or another member does not like. My mom is also the biggest passive-aggressive ***** that you will ever meet. Makes you feel like **** for no reason, and that you never do enough, and cause all the problems, when in reality you have nothing to do with any of it.

I want out, but cannot afford to yet. I hate this feeling. Anyone else have family that they hate this much? When I get out I am disowning them, and they won't even care. They only talk to me when they want money or something else, never ask me, how I am doing, or if everything is okay, or even how my day went?
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they sound like bastards, and join the club.

Oh they are, I went and bought a second house on a land contract to get away from them. I;d rather have two house payments then live there. I have a few things left to get from their house, and then I am disowning them for good, and calling CPS and mother's job to report her for stealing. They deserve what they get.