I'm So Angry and Sad!

I get good grades, I clean the house, I do the dishes, I do everything they want. But is not enough for them! They make decisions for me when I'm only ask for their opinion. "If you are not my daughter, I let you die on the street!" said my dad a couple of years ago when I was really young. My mum called me a prostitute. Whatever I do, is always against them. I really don't know what I should do. My friends are like ****. They doesn't even care or know that I have problems. Although I have these **** problems, I still manage to get really good grades in school. What else they want from me?! I ran away from home once, when I was like 10 because of them. I feel like I wanna run again! I just really hate them! They force me do whatever they want and I do it, they are never satisfied with what I am or what I do, they scold me whenever they want, they use my money and take advantage of me. I wanna kill myself! I have tried so damn hard to make them proud, they doesn't even seem to care bout me! I'm not fat, I don't drink or smoke, I don't use drugs. No matter what I do, they never seem to be satisfied. I can't share my problems with anyone, obviously. Except my boyfriend, but he's moving! It really break my heart to have someone I love so much being so far away from me and I'm stuck with these beast!
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3 Responses Mar 8, 2009

Talk to someone. Teachers or anyone you trust. Child protection service? Or talk to your parents. You can even show them this post. It has like 95% chance to make them realise how bad they are with you. If that doesn't work... I'm afraid you will have to call for help.

I had the same problem when I was growing up. My sisters did nothing wrong and me? Well, everything was my fault. Can you talk to someone about it? Call a hot line, or see your school counselor. You sound very nice and patient. Running away will only get you into trouble. What I use to do was join clubs or go the the football games, go to dances, even though I never fit in anywhere it was better than being at home. Don't give up.

i know what you mean, its really hard i know my parents are the same %"$# maybe even worst =(