I Hate My Mom

My mom is so mean to me she ALWAYS shout at me and i know and feel that she hates me, she has a scary stares against me and today she said,"I don't want to live with you anymore i want to go with your brother travel to London and never come back and lets see what you are going to do alone without me!" Well i don't need her i'm 12 years old and i can cook i can wash my clothes and that's what i do everyday I DON'T NEED HER or WANT HER i can live alone i can live with my father instead she screams at my father every stupid single F***** DAY i wish i could KILL her and never heear her voice again or see her angry face everyday i hate herrr she is soo stupid she fights for something stupid LIKE TODAY RIGHT NOW she is shouting because i didn't pick up the phone! and she said she wants me to die. well.. iwant her to die too, she lovesss my brother just because he is the oldest and he has money, she is selfish she wants to go with him, because he is the richest in our family! i hate her and i hate my life i wish i has a mother like my friend's mother she iss sooooooo cooool and calm and nice not like this ... i can't say any bad words now, because i know that i should respect my mom, but she should too i worked for her alot like a slave a get A* grades and she still keep shouting at me for STUPID reasons like: why do i spend time more with my sister or why didn't i go and buy bread or why didn't i go with her to visit my uncle for just one DAY, because i HAD THESE STUPID EXAMS! can't you see she just sit on a chair and watch TV like a princess then shout at me ohhh i soo wish she is dead i can't sleep, because she keeps the TV volume loud and i can't study either :( i neeed help

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1 Response Mar 9, 2009

You should just ignore her and concentrate on your schoolwork or whatever is important to you. If she starts yelling at you just ignore her or walk away. You should tell her to go move in with your brother if she loves him so much. You could always stay at a relative or friend's house.<br />
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You have the right to spend your time doing whatever you want and don't let your mom stop you from that freedom, as long as you don't break any laws xD. Oh and for the loud volume on the t.v problem, I suggest you buy some ear plugs or listen to some music to block out the noises. And for studying, you could always go to a library or some place to study.<br />
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I hope I helped and that you find a way to solve your problems. Feel free to ask me any questions. Just remember, you are who you are and your mom can't do anything about that.