Sometimes Wish I Could Just Divorce'em All

I really hate my so called family. A realtive of mine enjoys starting arguments and like to talk people down to make itself feel righteous. It shared "anonymous" post about and put out false fact as said i don't have my priorities straight. F*** her, it don't pay all my bills, it never raised me, it don't help me survive and i never asked their a** too. I never asked it to feel sorry of my a**, and don't intend to. The last thing I need if for some bigot, ignorant, wing nut job to feel sorry for me. My other relatives ain't much better, they hate me because i am not with someone who is their race or their religion. They also hate me because i am not their religion either, I never have been and am content with the decion i make in life and take responsiblity if they get ****ed up. Okay, i've been DUMPED on and mentally-attacked by every family member that I have practically except for the ones who are under 18, but some of them are becoming that age and acting like racist bigots who are ignorant and nieve to what is real and what is fantasy. Um, when i was homeless, most of them didn't care to know what happened, they took a abusive, theiving, selffish, bigot, shovedownyourthroat-relgious, leave all your children and spouses for piece of new a** lies and believed them and not knowing/caring about my side of the story or my safety whatsoever. . .and now some of it is coming to bite them in the a***.  And now they say that I am throwing a pity party. I haven't brought up how they treated me when i was younger, so what the f*** are they talking about. I have been dumped by people who said they would take care of my until i was an adult, um they never completed because it didn't fit into their idea of a family. I am just so angry and wish i could just divorce the majority of them and never talk to them again, all their lies and insults are driving me insane. . .to all y'all b****** that think that i will never make it, f*** you! If you didn't help me get to where i am today and don't plan on impactly helping me, stop saying bulls****. I have another relative that tried to set me up with their race and tried to get me to got out on dates, cheat and dump my spouse. I didn't because I don't believe in doing that, if I am not in a relationship that I want to be in, then I will end it myself, not cheat so the relationship will end itself. I've been talked about and thrown away like a piece of f***ing s*** and i'm tired of it, this is by my own so called FAMILY, my blood that does this to me. F*** YOU! Your lies mean nothing to anyone and your lies with kill you inside and out. You're commiting sucide to y'alls own souls and it is becoming to be soooooo funny to watch you fall deeper and deeper into you own soul's grave. I don't think anyone if going to soulfully die if they are good person if they are sinceraly good people, not matter what religion they are and no matter what race they are. . .does that make me bad because I accept who I am and who my spouse is and i accept people for who they are inside first.

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2 Responses Sep 30, 2009

For many, many years I hated my family. I was abused horribly as a child, and had to keep those secrets. They lied to me and about me to everyone, and did not care how they affected my life, and I hated them. Years before my dad died, I used to dream he was dead, and wake up happy, only to be mad when I realized it was just a dream. I literally STAYED angry all the time at them. One day, it occurred to me that they l OWNED me as long as I hated them. The hate destroyed my days, and it was invading my sleep too, so if I continued as I was, my hatred of them would destroy ME!<br />
Do I like them or what they do? Absolutely NEVER! Did I need a divorce? Yes, and I did it by separating myself from them. I live just blocks from my mom and haven't spoken in 5 years and my life is more at peace without her and my sisters in it. They too, used the excuse of religion to justify and lie about things they'd done. Fact is, I AM a Christian, and am smart enough to know that just because you walk into a garage, that doesn't make you a mechanic, nor does warming a pew make you a Christian. The Bible says, By their fruits you will know them. Talk is cheap, it's how we live our lives that will tell the true tell of the person we are. <br />
My advice? Let go of the hate.........for YOU!!! It sets you free, and then free yourself from their presence and surround yourself with people who are good to you, and stay away from people that depress and bring you down...........even if that is relatives!<br />
Good Luck

I can really relate to people hating their family. For me, it comes down to respect. In my case, certain family members have shown me very little. They have judged me for certain things I have done and they do not have any problem putting me down in front of the rest of the family. It drives me crazy. When I think of them I just want to scream. They think their **** doesn't stink. They have absolutely no ability or guts to look at themselves in the mirror and constantly criticize others. I do not hang out with any of them, except my parents, who are the only ones who ever showed they love me unconditionally. I haven't talked to my brother in years because he is a 2 -faced *****. I could go on all day about them but this is just a start. I feel guilty too about the anger I have towards them but how else am I supposed to feel? If anyone can add something to this or relate to it, by all means, do it.......