"family". A Joke.

Most normal people have pretty normal families. My whole life I've secretly dreamed of having a mom, dad, a house with a garage and a dog, or something. Something "normal", that would make my house feel like a home. 

Your family is supposed to understand how you feel and everything, yeah? So why can't mine? "You're ridiculous" because I don't like how I look sometimes; "You made the wrong choices" because I cannot find a decent school. Very supportive, very ideal. Fighting, yelling, basically a cloud over my head just when I have to go home. 

I H-a-t-e. All of this. This mess, a 10-year nightmare I'll never shake off even when I can finally have a place of my own. It's all quite hard. I know what everyone is going through. Maybe everyone can understand this too. Tragic, really, how we all ended up here together, hating our "families", or the sad excuses for them. 


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I would consider my "home" to be my room. When I am all alone. When I can be myself and tell myself to be strong. Those things outside hate me to the core. I have tried to win their feelings over too many times. But it hurts so bad I'm crying as I type this. But I guess it does make me feel better, that on the other side of the world, someone is going through the same pain.

i feel the exact same way. my house is not a home, it never has been, and it never will. I cried today because of my family. i cry almost everyday because of my family. they have no respect for me, and no consideration. my mom and dad tell me all the time that they love me but why should i believe them when they dont show it?

Honestly, 1st paragraph is really breaking me apart

I'm sorry :'(

hi :) how are you doing lately

I'm doing somewhat better but not really. Trying to do college applications or applications for art school. I'm also starting anti-anxiety medication.

Are you stupid or what? there is no normal family, the only normal people are the people you do not know well and can cover their wirdness well.....grow up....<br />
<br />
wanna be a victim? then be it and cry like a little stupi d bi tch ...<br />
donĀ“t wanna be a victim ? then first off all do not act like one...<br />
<br />
you need to get straight to the point with no bs its your choice

Oh shut up, you SMUG, judgmental, ignorant, arrogant idiot! This poor girl is just crying for help...AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO INSULT HER?!? What's wrong with you? Stop trolling, go somewhere else and keep your hateful mouth shut, you selfish imbecile! I bet you probably hate abuse survivors. Oh, and accusing her of "playing victim" when she is a real victim? Immature much?

Oh, and BTW, telling her to kill herself too?! Immature much times two?

I certainly know how you feel. I now live really, really far away from all of them and they're still in my hair.

I am very sorry to hear about all your situations , but I understand how you all feel and for people like us the last thing we need is pity . We are strong and we are the backbone of this world. I appreciate your experiences and would like to share mine. I am the third child of four and have a mother and my father was murdered in 2005. I did not know him but knew of him. I have no regrets about us not having a relationship as he never cared about us . My mother and I have never and will never get along. I know we both do not love each other but tolerate each other. By the way I am 23 years old and well aware of my absolute decision to have no link to any of my family members for the rest of my life. My family is riddled with lies , deception , nastiness , pettiness , spite , maliciousness , one sidedness , hypocricy and anything that exists to the antithesis of peace and harmony. Since I was a child my mother along with my eldest sister has made my life a living nightmare .I entered into therapy a year ago and my psychologist once said that it might be jealousy as to their behaviour towards me. I thought that it was something I did but as the years went by and my friends became more exposed to my family , I realized that it is them. I hate them for what they have done to me and forgive them , because I know what I don't want to do to my own family oneday. I am in the process of changing my surname and moving to Canada to start new because I know if I am far from them I will be at peace. I hate my mother and have often wished her death but now I pity her. She is the standard to me of what not to be.I love my friends , they have been there and I have been there for them. I know that we can choose our family as we all are related on earth , it just so happens that we are grouped into sects , cultures etc. There are 7 billion people on the earth and I cannot wait to start a family with them. May peace and harmony be with all of you on this thread and may you grow stronger.

my family sucks 2. I HATE them all and have removed myself from MOST of them 7 months ago (finally). My brother is a heroin addict. My parents have supported him and his habit for 15 years leaving me to be the parent and the bad guy. My mother rubs in how much she paid for me to go to college BUT will NOT speak of how much she has spent on my brother and his drugs, his arrests, bail, court, lawyers. THEY ARE ******* NUTS. I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM.<br />
I HAVE FELT THIS WAY MY WHOLE LIFE. It was in April of 2011 that my brother attacked me while he has in a heroin induced rage, he ruined my parents house, and ended up getting himself arrested. Thus IM the bad guy because i called the police. IM NOT sorry! He got himself into this by putting his hands on me. my father (the ******* **** he is) thinks i am the problem because according to him you do not call the police on your family. I think he is WRONG! YOU DO NOT PUT YOUR HANDS ON ANOTHER PERSON. i am 33 and have not talked to most of my family in 7months and never want to speak to them again. I am FILLED with HATE and I hate that as I am not a hateful or violent man. I have NO parents, NO good people that are BLOOD relatives (thats a lie I do have a few!) but the rest of them are all criminals, and either drug users, home wreckers, or alcoholics. I have NEVER been arrested,<br />
i am convinced I am adopted as I canNOT have come from these ****** up people!!!<br />
They are an embarrassment to me. I HATE them. MY friends are the family I went out into the world and made myself and we are good to one another! Blood means nothing. If your "blood" does NOT respect you, or accept you then how can they love you unconditionally? THEY CANT!<br />

yes..me too. They always make something out and than yelling at me like I was doing that..im going to a test, the test is not easy to pass, and i lose, than what he say, You r stupid so you fall the exam..oh that is..im really stupid huh???? yes im stupid, just like them, cos of them im here, so if im stupid that becos they r stupid. I have to live in a awfull life for 15 years..what coming up..i just wanna leave here right by way if i can. Becos i dont want to quit my school, i have in my mine, i will study study untill i have a money then they r nothing to, i will leave, and dont live with them anymore, just like i dont have a parrent.. Oh excuse me, if some people say have a family is great, i dont think so. I HATE MY FAMILY. they are nothing, keep yelling at me..what have i done??? what?? you have to be like this, like that, what what do you want me look like, im not perfect, noone is perfect, im me, just being me, not being any one.. what do you want You have to walking like a model, IM NOT A MODEL. You have to eat like princess. IM NOT A PRINCESS. You have to like a girl. WHAT IS IN ME IS NOT A GIRL, SHOW ME? what ridiculous. they want me like this, like that. When im going home after school i will have a meal with them, but what, You dont have to eat..ok dont eat is dont eat. I have to eat at night, between night. and what they want, you get out of here, dont eat here. IM EATING and they said that to me. So funny. Im JUST 15 GIRL. What do they expect from me??? ok, DONT EAT, ok, WALK LIKE A MODEL, ok, EAT LIKE A PRINCESS. excuse me. there is many people walking like me. I ask my friend what do i look when im walking, they said im normal, but what my family say, YOU LIKE A CRAZY GIRL. oh that it. IF I HAVE A CHANCE TO GO OUT OF HERE I WILL.

hello... sorry... sounds serious... are u ok now tho?

as well my grandfather from my mums side passed away then my mum and uncle secretly got married he used to throw up in winter in the backyard yellin and exhaling whisky as me and my friend were makin a snow fort in the friont yard police wanted me as witness to gettin him charged for firearms but i wanted no part of it i hope he dies and goes to hell as he also has been going on facebook and ading some of my friends without my consent and i left facebook because of him some of my friends are aware of what he is doing and declined his friend invite what a loZer! talk about NO LIFE i broke my finger punching him in the skull and i paid rent as well upfronty payed $7000 dollars to stay there for a year then after they complained it wasnt enough i worked 9 hours a day only to pay rent to them and i never wanted to leave work after 5 knowing i would only come home to have him drunk physically and mentally abuse me he would wake me out of bed at 11pm to harrass and fight me

well my mum and dad separated in 1982 i got thrown in 5 different elementary schools takin bus at age of 7 later they got back only to divorce in 1988 my dads brother married my mum and was an alcoholic he also has a criminal record selling drugs screwed my case in a car accident for material witness cuz my uncle has a outstanding warrant for his arrest he kept a gun in his glove compartment got in a verbal altercation with some guy with me in the car innocent he pulled the gun on the guy which followed us to our residence phoned police and my mum me and my idiot uncle got thrown in a holding cell 2 months later my uncle got charged for dui got his license taken away not his first offence my sister ran away from home my mum chose him over me and i moved out as i was getting kicked out of my place and the night he got arrested he hid 3 other non registered fire arms that i had no idea he had secretly kept in the ba<x>sement of my mums house he was always jealous of my dad my uncles marriage b4 he homewrecked ours went downhill as his wife from his first marriage divorced him he had 2 daughters from that marriage that i never seen as the 2 daughters of his dissowned him so he decided to come wreck his brothers marriage (my dad ) and he kept saying my dad drinks too much when my dad only has two beers my uncle drinks 40 ounce bottles of zinfandel wine as i seen how much deposit in bottles were in our garage ever since i moved he is stalking m,y apartment and i threatened a restraining order he walks to my place on foot as he is not allowed to drive or operate any motor vehicle

hey, i know how you feel. i pretty much grew up with the same thing you're going through. was verbally and sortha physically abused by my brother and my teachers in school. being a stupid little kid i grew up thinking its a normal thing but now i realized that its not. and every night there's bound to be fighting and shouting and just practically pain. when i go to school i'll be facing the teachers who hate me and vice versa...when i come home..i face this so called family. but hey..i guess this site exist for a reason...its like a place where we can find people whom we can relate to and find peace and comfort, making new friends i guess.

I can't offer you comfort, or console you over a terrible family life, but I can offer a bit of advice; family is what we make it, not determined by blood. Find someone who does care for you, they'll be your family more than a terrible blood relative will ever be. Would it be nice to have blood relatives who love you? Yes, typically we love those who we are related to, but it's not worth destroying yourself to willingly stay near them. When you can, get away, and don't let any bitterness you have from a poor family bleed over to any other relationships. They already ruined the one they could have had with you, don't let them ruin any others. ;)<br />
<br />
If nothing else, you always have you friends here on EP, which is a good start. Support is here!