Im Tired of Being Abused

i dont want this anymore.   i ask for help, but nobody hears me.   im tired of being beaten up and ridiculed and yelled at and im tired of having to defend myself all the time to deaf ears, im tired of having to hide when everybody comes home, im tired of being forced to be alone and blamed for everything that goes wrong when its not my fault and im tired of it being okay to use me as a punching bag.   im tired of crying myself to sleep over this.  i dont want to hate myself anymore, i want them to know how much i hate them, i dont want to be afraid of them anymore.   i dont want to secretly enter this during the night in the dark when no one is around. i want to escape.
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I wish that you are getting better by now. Good luck.

This post is 5 years old :( with no indication of how you are. Keep safe.

abuse is hard and it hurts like hell but it gets better. try to get out and if that doesn't work then tell someone. don't just stop at one tell how many people it takes someone will believe in you. it may be hard to speak up but if it is what will get you out of there then do it.

Tell them u didnt do it and if they hate u more for telling the reason tell them how u feel like u can say i dont feel a part of this world

Abuse sucks man... I was in your shoes twice. I got hit by two different people, one from 4-8 the other 13-14. I wish you the best of luck and if you need any... Accidents to happen =) just let me know

There are places that can take you in for free and will fin you a home at friends or with relatives until stuff works out, you could try calling one. In my state it's called DYFS.

My situations not as bad as yours, i sincerely hope you find semblance of peace, but also find those worth your time, because your family obviously isn't. Find those worthy of your attention and make sure you do something about the punching human being deserves that kind of treatment!<br />
Regards Amali

You need to reach out you can't do it alone, The time you have on this earth is precious don't waste it over people who don't care. I didn't have anyone either and now I am getting help. It's the hardest thing you'll face at this moment. If you look there is people that care about you and love you. FIND THEM YOUR WORTH IT.

If you can leave, I would strongly suggest doing so.. No one did anything when I suffered abuse either. You can survive this- start planning for your future :) That's what I did and I'm better off because of it.

i hope u doing ok

u should stay wit a friend or something

sorrry 4 the suff u had 2 go though i feel the same way cry and im only 8 years old

My heart goes out to you. The fact that you've endured this for so long shows that you're a person with an uncommon resilience and strength. It's not your fault! <br />
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You have the strength to endure it for as long as you need to. Get out as soon as you can (without becoming a hobo or whatnot :P)<br />
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I'm in a similarly ******-up family that lays ALL blame on me (and anyone else unfortunate enough to spend time with them). <br />
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It's good to talk to people and get some help - just make sure you that can trust them before you lean too close. Being in a situation like yours means that you'll end up drawing the attention of kind and caring people, as well as people who want to take advantage of you.

How much longer do you have to live at home? Can you live with friends or at school? <br />
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Instead of blaming yourself, just fr<x>ame it as "these people are hateful, and they hurt everyone in their path. Since I'm in their path, I'm getting hurt, but it has no reflection on me. I just need to get out"<br />
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I mean you can't be that bad right? You like SO2!