Bad Feelings

I have a large family.

My dad has 9 siblings... the average children per family is four...

My grandparents have their favorites... the rest of us can never measure up.

It sounds like a little thing... but years of knowing that my grandmother doesn't love... or even like you can do a number on a person.

Maybe it's because my mother isn't Catholic...

It would be better than thinking something is wrong with me like I did when I was younger.

Even now, my grandparents could not be less interested in my life.

It's an unnatural feeling... this hatred for my grandparents.

I shouldn't go to bed hoping they won't be alive in the morning.

grassynowell grassynowell
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 2, 2010

I know this situation hurts you. If you can, please remember they are the ones who have a problem, not you. Not everyone is cut out to be parents OR grandparents. Don't derive your sense of your own worth from them. Be your best self and do it for YOUR self, not for some arbitrary stamp of approval from people who obviously are unkind.