My family annoys me soo much. They put me on a high pedestal and aspect so much from me. I use to go along with it but my motivation is decreases. I live a good life but i cant stand my family. I realize that without them i would be lonely but i feel i need to be off to bigge rand better things. I fear that at such a young age i shouldnt want as much seperation as i do. I love my mom but she gets annoying and my dad ah my dad i dont like being out with him. I cry of joy when the house is empt and all to myself. Im never home cause i chose to be with other people. I know my family will always be there for me but we dont have  a relationship where i would necessarily lean on them for support. I feel awful writing all this but its just plain old true.


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1 Response Feb 20, 2010

That is okay to feel that way. I can understand why they expect so much from you because we are like that with our daughter. Not to the point where it will annoy her. But we are grooming her because of the way that these young girls are now. We want her to be productive and to strive to do her best. Of course sometimes she will fall but with the grooming she will want to get back up and keep going. It is okay for your family to be that way to a certain point. Why? Because the way things are in the world. Either rich or poor. You have to have an education. Even though sometimes it doesn't matter. You could always sit down and speak with them. Pray about it first and think about what you would like to tell them. Because that can put a strain on your relationship with them.