My Father-in-law Is Crazy!!!!

 My previous stories may seem cruel, but certainly not meant to be.
Update: Father-in-law's copd/emphyseme is in end stages and the doctor thinks he has only months left, but hard to tell. Meanwhile, he developed a more severe bacterial infection in lung that did not clear up. So, he has a picc line inserted in arm, to which I could give i.v., antibiotics along with another antibiotic by mouth. He didn't seem to be getting any better, so he is admitted in hospital, to regain strength. While I was cleaning up around his bed. I found the previous antibiotics, to which he told me he had finished. He never even took one.
 While in the hospital, he decides that he can no longer walk to bathroom to use, so they bring him a bedside commode. He insisted that the door to his room remain opened. Now, he decides he can come home and wants to have a bedside commode in the livingroom!
 After one day in physical rehabilitation, he wants to come home. I had to tell him that I could not empty his urinal or bedside commode ( the idea of physical therapy was to improve his strenth so that he could walk to bathroom ). He said he didn't expect me too, that the container would just stay dirty until he could. WTF!!!! He finally decided to stay at rehab., to give it another shot. I do not see him there much longer.
 Again, I will have the pleasure of his company soon and watch him refuse to do anything to make him feel better.
Lord help me!!
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2 Responses Apr 18, 2012

I honestly think you should admit your FILaw to a Facility that can care for him and take the burden away from you. Do you realise you can catch unhealthy diseases from a man who lives like you say he does? Either you bring proper carers into the home to bathe and organize this man's medical situation or you must admit him somewhere..

I am so sorry for your plight....I hope that your husband is helping a lot too and that you are finding support in time of need *hugs*