Father In Law From Hell!

I have been with my husband for eight years. We used to have so much fun and everyone thought we were the perfect couple. My husband bought a house and feels obligated to have his father live there with him. He thinks just by seeing his face every day it makes his father happy and keeps him off drugs. I was raised in the south. I'm a pretty girl with a huge heart and a big personality. I have great relationships with everyone in my life. The father in law has lived with us all this time. If we walk by each other in the house or he comes in while I'm cooking he never looks me in the face or speaks to me. When I say hi he mumbles hello back and pretty much rolls his eyes. He stays in his room most of the time emerging a few times daily to grab a snack from the kitchen or use the bathroom (that we have to share). He has NEVER cleaned in all of the time he has been here. He has never even vaccumed his room. There is a five inch film on the carpet. He stays in his room watching sports and screams profanities all day. He sounds completely psychotic. I'm so uncomfortable. This house is not a home. When he leaves his room and goes to the kitchen I stay in our room until I hear the door shut and he's back in the room now. He never speaks to me but if I get into an argument with my husband he comes out and tries to get into the middle of it. He called me a psycho ***** an said I'm not worth anything the last fight we got into. How dare him! He doesen't even speak to me ever and now I have to live with this awful person. My husband won't budge. I want to have a baby and we could put the baby in that room but my husband said he will never kick his dad out and that we would just add on a baby room. The guy is a piece of ****. I love my husband but I am always bitter and unhappy now. He won't compromise with me. I feel like I've wasted eight years of my life. I would do anything for him. He sees how unhappy I am and says if I have to it will break his heart but I can move out. We have dreams and our whole life ahead of us. How can I get this crazy, nasty old man out of our house?! I don't want to leave my husband but I feel like its come to this. I can't sit in the living room, I don't even go to the kitchen to cook anymore, I'm a prisoner in my own home. I just go to the gym for hours a day and drive around. Does anyone have any advice for me? ):
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Kill him with kindness, it will only make him look worse in your husbands eyes and entertain you in the process as you make him so uncomfortable bring in his space he leaves! I really feel for you! Don't give up on love. X

Do you work?? if not, it would be a good time to start, so that you won't be at home, or leave your husband, I think it's not fair you have to put up with that, my FIL is and a**hole (rolls his eyes too when I talk) and I would never, under any circumstances accept to have him in our house.<br />
But really, you are not trapped, you can leave...