Father In Law From Hell

I have been married for 6 years. In the past I traveled quite a bit for work so I didn't notice as much as I do now. First of all we live next door to them. He is nasty; never brushes his teeth, wears the same clothes for days in a row and sits on my nice furniture, bathes once a week with no soap, digs in his pants in front of everyone, farts in my house and laughs about, picks his nose at the table, etc. My three kids see this behavior daily and are touched by this nasty "man". He just walks in my house without knocking and if its locked he will stand there and knock until someone lets him in. I start projects and he goes off and buys what he thinks is needed and makes my wife pay him back (usually costing me 1,000's of more dollars), and there is only one way to do it and that's his way. I never ask for his help because he "white trashes" it up, but he gets wind of me doing something and then gets involved while I'm at work. He's cost me over $10,000 in the past couple of years and my nice new house now looks like redneck heaven. He touches his youngest daughter inappropriately to where her boyfriends get weirded out and leave; I have seen him sit down beside her and rub on her butt while she's disgusted. He degrades his daughters non stop; except around me because he knows I'll say something. The other night I caught him peeping in our windows around 8 at night when my 9 year old daughter had gone to take her shower (can't prove he was looking in her window to, but I warned my wife if I catch him again he will get his butt kicked within an inch of his life). He takes our kids without even asking our permission. I have told him repeatedly this behavior is not acceptable, but he ignores me. I am angry all the time. I just told my wife that from now on if he's here I will not be here; I do not want to see him or hear his voice, and I'm tired of constantly being miserable because of him so I'm cutting him out of my life.
Jmillwill Jmillwill
31-35, M
1 Response Dec 4, 2012

you're kidding right? Call Children's Aid and report him. He is a classic dirty old man. Forbid him access to your family. period.