I Want My Father Out Of My Life

i really really hate my ******* father as he hates my mom , my bro , and me, He is good to everyone except we three. He cannot bear to see us smiling, He ******* has a extra marital affair with a widow of our family with two kids and she only wants money from my dad. To fulfill her wishes my ******* dad is not even throwing a penny on our face!! he ******* has more than 50 affairs after he got married. I call myself the most unlucky girl to be his daughter, I HATE MY FATHER. He hits my mom, abuses her and hits me and my bro too...that too brutally, He has snatched away all the happiness from me.!! i get nightmares because of him, he deserves to die painfully, i really do hate him. i have never experienced true happiness in my life all because of my dad. Now i feel as though i have lived enough and i really dont want to live any longer as i have seen all the sadness which he could offer in life and im only 18 years..! he has persistently been the source of my depression. He the most cruel fellow on Earth, i want him out of my life!!!
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4 Responses Jul 28, 2010

I am sorry you are feeling this way, That was the story of my life. my father abused me all my teenage life until before I got married. I am 28 now, and still suffering from the scares he caused me. I still have nightmares I still have pain in my heart. still very sad I went through that and still depressed. childhood and teenage years are very sensitive and those scares never heal. all I tell you graduate get a job and get the hell out of there.

I know your pain. You are worth more than he could ever offer. He is not worthy of having any family to call his own. Be strong, you're not alone...

i know what your going through my dads the same way a casino addicted ******* who only ***** around and buys himself and others things but not my sister my mom or little brothers hang on! i am also eighteen and my dads the reason for my depression too and suicide thoughts but you can get through this

i get what your going through because my dad is the same