My Very Perfect Dad

Well my father is the best, coz he cares for me a lot and is even invading my privacy. Wow! that's great. I have my own perspectives in life, why can't he use his perspectives on himself?! Well, don't act like you are a consisten perfect dad because you suck! You are one of those people who want to **** me off!!! DAMN YOU!

lostintime43v3r lostintime43v3r
3 Responses Feb 14, 2009

exactly the same with me! it frustrates the hell out of me and whats even more annoying is that i can never get away from it because he does every single thing he can to control and limit my every move so that i cant have my own life and he treats me way differently to the rest of the family by always treating me in a negative way and verbally abusing me. This may sound pathetic and childish to complain about but its abuse and it shouldn't be hapening. I dont think he has any idea of the effect it has on me.

I am in a similar situation.

hmm thats annoying