I Just Want You To Be Normal

There are many thing that i could write about the personn that im suppose to call "dad". As i sit her and type this I am crying because all i have ever wanted was a normal father to be daddys little girl. That will never happen seeing as how it is to late and i am almost 19. I will share alittle bit of my story with everyone and I hope someone has a similar situation and can reach out and talk to me anytime. My parents have been together almost 20 years. Children are normally upset when there parent get a divorece....I have wished and hoped every night since i was 8 that they would get one. He has been abuse tome my mother and brother when we were little. I swear to you the **** that we had to go threw he should have been in jail. he scream like a mad person like dr.jekylle and mr.hyde. Hys the always thinks that he is right all the time 24/7. it makes me sick. he has not had a steady job in over 5 years maybe more. he sits around ally day and goes on the computer looks at **** and smokes he talks to random chick online that he think i dont know about. how do you tell your mother that you think her husband is cheating you. I hate him so much he has no idea what he has put he through. i dont think that anyone in this house even likes him. my mother at time can even stand him. Last night he begins to scream at my mother last nighover nothing she screams back and stands up for her self last night. she goes dont you have scream a me like that..but its ok for him to scream at her. I am tired of his bull **** and they way he t eat my mom. she does not deserve this. he would be no where if it ws not for her. she is the only one bring in any money. so he decides not to talk to her today and eat at another table like a little ******* kid.GROW THE **** UP!!! you piece of shitno one likes you!!!!!!! he is acting  like a little 14 year oldboy stuck in a 57 year old perverts body. Anyone can relate or wana shre there story and chate message me any time! P.S last nigt i went to bed crying over this i woke up and could barly open my eyes they were all swelled up from crying.

Melindarose Melindarose
18-21, F
Feb 19, 2010