My Dad Is A Pain In The ***

So, i hate my dad so ******* much!!! Everything i do is not right and when i argue with my mom he gets mad and starts cursing but when he gets mad and argues with my mom then is no problem  you know. Plus when we argue he starts cursing at me because thats how he does to show his ******* power. my *** i hate him so much that i don't even want to get married. i think its been 2 years since he said something nice to me. he is the type of dad that he can't have a coonversation and when he does have one he starts screaming. i want to say something back but one day i swear i will say and curse at him like he did to me, i waiting for that day with all my heart!

corina5093 corina5093
18-21, F
Feb 28, 2010