Undoubtedly.......I Hate My Dad The Most In This World...

I Hate my dad...is nw a well known fact 2 u all cz of my title....

He has alwaz lived his lyf in his way....

He never took pains 2 knw  wat his family needs....wat her "WIFE"...ma mom needs.

He was alwaz into his party lyf.He betrayed ma mom's trust n still v r living wid him.

I want to run away frm here wid ma mom n never let him c ma mom in future.

My mom has suffered a lot bcoz of him n nw i dont want it 2 happen again.

He's the one who has made ma mom's lyf HELL.Today...Watever I am...is juss bcoz of ma mom's pains that she tuk to make

me reach this level of lyf...but still......i wanna realize ma dad that wat has he done wid us in his entire lyf.

He vil hav 2 pay back 4 all this nonsense n i'll make sure that i can giv him the same torture as he has given us

since ma birth.

hatedad hatedad
18-21, F
Mar 6, 2010