I Hate My Father

I believe that every girl deserves to be "daddy's little girl" but NOT if daddy is an alcoholic that beats mommy. My mom was seventeen when she had me and my dad was 21 so obviously neither of them were in any place to have a child but my mother decided to keep me. My grandparents have plenty of money so my mom and dad were able to move in together and begin their family. The house was so large that my mothers best friend was able to move in as well. Thats when my father began to drink...and drink...and drink. He would come home and beat my mother into unconciousness and my moms friend would be able to do nothing. My mom didnt want me to grow up without a father so she stayed with him and believed that he was going to work on his problem as they worked through their relationship. Everything changed when my mother had her first car accident when I was about 2 years old. She had worked night shift the night before and was at a cookout drinking the next evening. She was not drunk but after she got behind the wheel of the car she would never be the same again. On the way to another friends house she fell asleep and ran into a tree. Not wearing her seatbelt she was ejected from the car and thrown far. She was announced dead at the scene but by some miricle they were able to bring her back...back to me. Although she was thankfully alive she was in a coma for 16 days...over these 16 days my father was at home cheating on my mother with her "best friend."
Needless to say my mother kicked my father and the "friend" out of the house. Almost 12 years later my father has married the "friend" and had 2 other children who now consume his life. Recently my father and I have been fighting a LOT. Rightfully so, my mother told me that since every fight had escalated a little more than the one before she was afraid that he was going to end up hitting ME. So i now have no relationship with my father and I am struggling very much with the thought of never agin having the arms of my father around me...I will greatly miss the two kids but NOT the evil stepmother. Eventually I will learn to cope without my biological father around but until then...its just me.
thatstoobad thatstoobad
18-21, F
Sep 23, 2012