Never Has Been A Good Man.

My father is a chronic cheater. Not sure how my mother stayed married for 12 years. Hell she caught clamidia while 5 months pregnant with me from him.

He is also abusive. I remember my mother and I getting the crap beat out of us several times a week.

I'm a grown woman now, with a family of my own. I keep him at an arms distance. He WILL NOT hurt my children.

Since my parent's divorce, he has been engaged twice now, from long term relationships. (Trust me, I'm sure there were others on the side.)

The last one lasted 8 years. She was a wonderful woman, intelligent, well respected, and classy! I loved her, my children loved her! She changed my father into a better person! 6 months before they were to marry, he just dropped her. No explanation, broke her heart. She is still on anti depressants because of him.

A mere month later a new woman. But unlike the others, she had already moved in! This woman is classless and a drunk. People who know her say she is a crazy, white trash, gold digger who manipulates people. Boy are they right. She has turned my dad back into the abusive ******* I once knew. He is ALWAYS DRUNK now. That never used to be the case, and she has succeeded in ripping my family apart. She claims my father's house as her own and her children's. She has made it to where I no longer have a key to my father's house, because she doesn't trust me, she thinks I will steal. My brother, sister, and my self are no longer welcome in his home. She makes it quite clear we know it.

Xmas, she started a fight with my sister. (She is 40, my sister is 23) in front of friends and family at the party, she was drunks and called my sister names that would make a sailor blush. Then proceeded to tell her son (15) to kick my sisters *** for her. And who was to blame? Me and my SOBER brother and sister. We were kicked out, disowned.

For some reason, my father takes her side. He needs to realize, once she uses him for all he's got then leaves, all he will have is himself. He was the one to push us all away. Maybe that's what needs to happen. Maybe he will get engaged again, and break it off for another woman... Again.

My father's vicious cycle of abuse and cheating I believe has put him in this mess, he lost his entire family over his choices. Maybe this is karma's way of saying... **** you.
steamed27 steamed27
26-30, F
Jan 5, 2013