My father was in my life,my mother's live in lover,until I was 11. That's when the State of Indiana kicked him out and it was no great loss believe me! A while before that he had nearly killed my sister 9 and myself by driving 150 MPH while DWI. A few days later he tested positive for Cocaine.CPS seized us and gave our mother and ultimatum. Either her man or her children BUT NOT BOTH!!! Our father was no angel. He was violent, had been to prison,wouldn't work in a pie factory for $100 per hour even if all he had to do was taste pies, and was just generally someone you wouldn't leave even your dog alone with if you valued it. He tested positive on every single drug test given over the next several months until finally the caseworker scheduled an emergency court hearing then demanded he take another test on the spot to prove his sobriety or he was going back to jail. Instead he voluntarily signed the Termination Paperwork. Our mother packed his **** that same day,put in on the curb,and that was THE END of their 12 year relationship.Less than 6 months later he left the US for good and returned to his homeland sometimes electronically harassing our mother and us but NEVER giving a cent of support. Once he tried to talk my mother into letting him take us for the summer but she knew it was unlikely she would EVER see her children again if she did and told him to go **** himself. As a part of regaining custody which she did shortly after my sister's 11th birthday(2 1/2 yrs after we were seized) our mother had had to go out and establish herself independently. It was highly preferable that our father have NO CLUE where we were so she moved from Indiana hundreds of miles away to Iowa. If she didn't accept his contact he could do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and that's exactly how we LIKED IT!!! ALL of my memories of him AWFUL. Seeing him beat my mother and trying to defend her with my own small body. Nearly drowning when he ran us off road and into that frozen creek. Being called the n-word by him(mother's black. he's Croatian). Everything about him was EVIL!!! GOOD ******* RIDDANCE!!!
Bashka91 Bashka91
26-30, M
Aug 16, 2014