He's So Mean...and I Hate Him To Death!

Okay... just now I had some quarrel with him and I felt no one in this world could understand me how I'm feeling from the bottom of my heart right now... 

A few weeks ago , they ( my parents ) started to strict with me , my curfew , hangouts with friends and stuffs. Currently , I don't have to do nothing since my school hasn't opened yet. So , I've been hanging out with my boyfriend and chilling with my friends. And also , I've been using a big amount of money. Around 1000 Singapore Dollars. But those are all mine though... But later on , they checked my bank account and found out. They asked me if I was using drugs ??? ... Dang... I told them to check me whatever they want. Because I'm not  using it! But they kept being suspicious on me! And I can't stand it anymore..

One day , in the evening , I had an appointment with my boyfriend for a movie and I was asking them for a permission , usually , they allow me to go out. My curfew used to be 11pm. On that day , they said 8pm..Hello??? It was already 6 pm when i was at my house's door. And my so called father was at work ,  and my so called mother and sister were at home , stopping me from going out. I went crazy at that time , because you know why  ,I'm a bipolar ( and I've joined a community club for that now. But my family didn't approve that. Anyway , I have much friends who care and listen what I'm saying at that community. But the thing is , it's all online , most of them are from Singapore. ) So yeah , I can't control my mood sometimes. :S


And my sister kept the door's keys and so that I wasn't able to go out , so I tried to get out of the window pane which is connected with the corridor. ( I didn't jump out of that of cause , our flat in on 3rd storey ) Then as soon as , I was out of the house , I sent a sms to my so called father , saying , sorry , I'm already out of the house and I'll be back by 11 pm , if you guys still want me to. And he replied , "okay , I'll be waiting for you". On that day , I got back home by 10:30 pm and evrey thing  was not that serious.


A few days later , I was going to go to my friend's party at Sentosa , BBQ party and we hired shetley and all that. I told them I wanted to go. They stopped me again . Without any reasons , they just said "You've been going out too often" .. I mean... come on.. what the **** is that... I have no school no work , no part time jobs at all ( they don't allow me to work anyway , they're afriad I will earn more money and use it for drugs... >_< ) . So, what else should I do ? ... Staying at home all the day...~~~ I'm 18 guysss... not 81 !!! >_< Of cause I need to go out with my friendssss! >_< And I also hep them by doing houseworks they asked me to do every day. They treat me as a maid. They don't pay me any pocket money if I don't do them. They don't treat me nice. Every thing in this house is not just right!


So let me get this straight , I ran away from my house again on that evening , and smsed my so called father again , but there were no replies. I was kinda worried . But still enjoyed with my friends and my boyfriend.. At night , I planned like I would be going back to home before 12 am . But things went crazy , we all were drunk as we were drinking Chivas and Vodka and all that.. So it happened to be sleeping over night there... And I got back home the next day , around afternoon . And my father wanted to report the police abt that. But they can't do a thing since I'm already 18 and my boyfriend is also in his 20s... so yeah.. but anyway , now I'm also taking easy on all those stuffs , I haven't been going out lately and they also know it but don't say a thing. Lately , I've only been hanging out with my sister and my boyfriend , my sister doesn't say anything about it. They both are cool each other . And I stay at home for the whole day , since I also don't feel like going out but just surfing the  Internet. And now that cruel man doesn't want me to use the Internet anymore!! He kept cutting the broadband and all that~! Now I'm using my neighbor's one , they are good to me and they also know about these stuffs.


That was pretty long and might be boring to read all of this .. But I just want to share with people who are having similar problems as mine.

I hate him to death.. I'm thinking about leaving this family and be an orphan.. I don't want to live with them any more. They have no love on me. Obviously .

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hey....its ankita here..im from india...and i have a hell monster for a father...i can truly understand ur feelings as i too hate my father to death. can we be friends..?? my id is ankirox92@hotmail.com