I'm always depressed. I'm a very sad person. I have trouble fitting in, and people often don't understand me.  Being depressed is a funny thing. It's like a snake eating its own tail, you just sit there obsessing over the fact that you're depressed without actually being depressed over the original thing that made you sad. And basically what it comes down to is that you're just obsessing over yourself and your feelings. And by you, I really mean me. Isn't that self-centered? I hate being depressed because I feel like it makes me a selfish person. I feel that by being depressed, I am abusing the few people who care about me. And when I think about that, I get more depressed. Vicious cycle. I have no idea how to end it.
fightthedayaway fightthedayaway
26-30, F
May 4, 2012