"ignorance Becometh You"

I have this ex-friend. As much as I miss him, his girlfriend/new baby mama is and always will be the main reason as to why I could never go back. I just cant with her. Literally the dumbest person ive ever had the misfortune to have to deal with. Just the fact that me and my other friends had to clench our mouth shut each time we wanted to rip you a new ******* but didnt because we respected our friend at the time's girlfriend makes me never want to procreate in fear it may turn out to be as dumb as you. Here's some infamous qoutes from her that are unfortunately burned in my head.

"The meals at fast food restaurants cost the same or more than most restaurant meals... really?"

"The inside of my hip and ribs have just been molested by baby legs."

"You know life's ****** up when one juvenile mistake holds you back from bettering yourself". (said after she stole over $100 worth of items at a JC Penny and went to jail for it)

"Im done smoking again. Me and my baby's lungs cant handle them." (smoking while pregnant)

"La la la la la la, bowl of cereal"

"Cant wait to be making ******* jealous at the club again"

"Ignorance becometh you."

"So wait 2 Chainz ISNT Lil Wayne?!"

"$5 and nothing to do. What the hell happened to the weekend?"

"Feeling sick as hell. But you know I got dat herb!" (while pregnant)

"**** Indiana for deciding that my dad makes too much money for me to have food stamps."

"Being pregnant would be so much easier if I were single."

"Cigarettes keep you healthy in the mind."

"I know I shouldnt be smoking cigarettes, but the hell with it. I deserve the first loves of my life to enter my void." (just found out she's pregnant)

"My sister needs to be raped by reality" (Just released from jail)

Im afraid for our future generation since she decided to procreate. God help us all.
LetsBeHonest LetsBeHonest
22-25, M
Dec 9, 2012