Stop Calling Me Depressed and Anorexic

my friends completly irritate me sometimes,they are constantly juging me and jumping to conclusions.
just because i'm trying to watch what i eat and cut back,doesn't mean i've an eating disorder.
just because i end up crying if i fight with a friend doesn't mean i'm a weak person
and just because i cut myself doesn't mean i'm suicidal.
if they'd just take the time to listen once in a while they'd realise these things.
keepitinside keepitinside
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 20, 2007

You shouldn't cut yourself. I know you wrote this a while ago but a comment should always be helpful. People always feel weak in different ways but you shouldn't let your friends say things like that. They probably just want some gossip between them when you're not around because they don't have a life. I had a very close friend that passed away and she taught me that you should always live life. You're wasting a life that someone could have had if you're being weak pouty all the time. Don't worry about everyone else. Your "friends" should have come to you softly not getting in an argument with you.

Well people will always jump to conclusions. Especially now a days where there is so much trouble. But if you cut yourself before you started dieting then they have reason to. Not everybody is strong and some people do feel suicidal and lie about. Just know they care and are just trying to look out for you.