Real Friends? I Think Not

I have this friend who i treated like my best friend..I even called her my daughter. But before she became my friend, i really hate her. She would tell bad things about me behind my back, but i learned to forgive so I tried my best to be friends with her. Now that she has met new friends, she barely even talks to me, and sometimes she avoids me and acts like she doesn't know me. And when we talk, its like she has no enthusiasm and she's bored. And this other friend of mine, were only friends when she has no one to go with, but when she's with her other friends she acts like she doesn't know me either. I feel like there just using me as there spare tire, they only become my friends when they need me.. so much for real friends.. :(
xtiger2 xtiger2
1 Response Jul 9, 2010

Your first friend... I had a friend like that, she is "friend A" . "friend A" just totaly ignored me @ school, so i confronted her. "friend A" said she didn't like my other friend, "friend B" & was saying mean things about "friend B", so i told "friend B" what "friend A" was saying about her, then she called me a bi***. So I stopped being friends with "friend A", now she acts like she wants to be my friend agian.