Stabbed In The Back

I had been friends with this one girl since 7th grade basically. Now I just wanna say right now, I'm a bisexual 17 year old guy just so there's no confusion later. Anyway, we'd done so much together over the years, concerts, get-togethers, planning parties for friends and sharing schoolyard gossip. This summer I'd bought us $80+ tickets to go see Lady Gaga which was a pretty big deal for both of us. Anyway she came over for awhile before we were supposed to head out to the concert which was an hour away. We got to talking and it eventually got to the point where she asked me "(my name), are you sure you're not bi, haha?" So I came out and told her I WAS bi and she seemed alright with it at first. When we got about 3/4s of the way to the concert,she complained she had a stomach ache and needed to be taken home. My dad had offered to drive us and he dropped me off at the concert and took her home which was nearly two hours away. He told me she didn't seem at all sick during the ride home. So she hasn't talked to me since the almost concert AND she unfriended me on Facebook. She's also apparently tried to tell my other friends who go to her school that I'm bad news without revealing my sexuality. It didn't work, my friends are still talking to me and she isn't. I thought she would be okay with it because she seemed like a super Liberal person before and now I feel really hurt and betrayed.
DraconicBoi DraconicBoi
3 Responses Jan 16, 2011

May be she secretly wanted more than just friendship with you.

I'm so sorry for you being bisexual is not a problem, just open up and look up, there must be people that would want to be your friend no matter what

Well my goodness I'm sorry and kudos for you for coming out!! And if she can't accept you the way you are well then bu bye with her