i wouldnt consider them friends. they are just the people i sit with at lunch or walk down the hall with to classes. i used to think we were actually becoming close. so i told them something really personal and u know what happened? they turned around and through it back in my face. the only girl that didnt say anything then rejected me and denied that she even knew me. why? all i can say is why? this was a big jump for me. confiding in people. 2 years ago i was completely stabbed in the back. i was told i was loved one day and the next i was laughed at. i was pushed down and left with no one. to have your best friend that you love so much turn around one day and for no reason hate you. it is hell. HELL. if u have never had that happen to u then u have no idea what it feels like. because of that i am scared to death of everything. and now i took a step towards having a normal life with friends again and it came back and bit me in the ***. i am now farther away from trust then i was before. i absolutaly hate myself for it.
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My best friend hates me too, even though she wont admit it. She's never happy for me and uses me for all she can get. Everything's a competition with her, I met one new friend, she's met two. The difference is I hate her too. I hate that scumbag who made me love and believe in her so much, so much that I wanted to improve my self, inspiration. But she ****** that up all to hell. She's selfish. Whenever I'm upset she doesn't care, she's happy, happy she's got it better then me or when I'm upset with her she wont listen to it, she's gotta go right after I bring anything up. Don't trust too easily, I had to learn the hardway as well. Now I'm stuck in this web of hatred and constant spite from her...

i did. i changed schools a year ago and it just got worse.

am sure life will go according to plan one day,if all goes bad just change schools while they is still time and you will make new friends soon.