Dont Have A Choice

one of my friends is a complete *****. Shes taken the boy i like and bitching about everyone. When i first met her we were great friends but now i don't have anything to say to her. Im afraid that if im horrible to her than i wont ever get to talk to the boy she goes out with. She can be really sweet and kind until you do something she dosent like. She well ignore you half the time then turn around and ask why we have been avoiding her.
I don't know what to do anymore.
pumpkin1997 pumpkin1997
2 Responses Dec 15, 2011

I just broke up with this guy that I still love and my 'Bff' Thinks it's ok to call him and me and get a 3-way phone call, right? So she gets us both on the phone and Tells Me that she loves my ex and that he loves her. I've told her over and over that I couldn't handle a boyfriend at the moment because of family issues. I still really love him but she doesn't care and she tells me almost everyday how much she likes him. I wish life was like a game. Just Delete.

I had a "friend" like that who was dating a friend of mine, and i know she did it just to make me angry, but, anyway, I just quit talking to her, I ignored her. She would say hi and I would sit in silence, then talk to my other friends in front of her and not sit by her at lunch. Soon she figured it out and left me alone, but she did so much stuff to get attention. Once, she pretended she twisted her ankle and came to school with crutches, then, the next day, she was hoping on the wrong foot. I just started hating her because i was dating a guy and she asked him out while I was dating him, so i had to break up with him. People like her just pi$$ me off . . .