My Luck:(

i have 3 bffs that i am starting to hate:one of them i have knew her for 10 years the other for 5 years and the third for 3 years and honestly i am beginning to feel like they are doing everything together without including me and i am the one who introduce them to each other.On new year's eve this year one of them took me to a party where i met a guy who i fell in love with him and so did he for the next months but one day he just stopped talking to me why??turns out that my so called friend likes him and didn't even bother to tell me and she started to tell him all these lies about me and he believed her and on our prom night they went with their dates and others in their limo and didn't ask me if i wanted to go with them.So i found another friends willing to take me with them in their limo and i spent all the evening and their was a party after prom which i also hang out with my new friends but what really got me upset is that they had the nerve to come up to me and tell me that why am i spending my time with these people and why am i not talking to them they taught it was my fault oh my god i literally hate them and when i wanted to go home at 6 in the morning they wanted to share a cab i was like:i really want to punch u all so i refuse and that's my sadly memory of them it's been 5 days since i have last see them and they didn't even call me or ask how am i doing so i guess that will be our last contact together i hate how things have to end but they didn't give me any choice FML
suckerforromance2 suckerforromance2
18-21, F
May 21, 2012