Thanks For The Invite?

So there was a high school band concert tonight I wanted to go to today because my boyfriend is in it and I haven't seen him for over a month. But I can't go by myself because my family doesn't know about him. But my friends do know. And i even let them know that i wasn't working tonight so i was able to go. I even told one of my best friends that i wanted to go to the concert. 
But none of them say they are going so i stayed home. Later while the concert is going on, they text me telling me that they are all at the concert and are inviting me to eat with them after. They said that they thought i was working tonight when i specifically told them i wasn't working at night. So i missed out from hanging out with friends and going to see my boyfriend. Great friends huh?
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1 Response May 21, 2012

my friends do that too! At first I thought they genuinely forgot to invite me, but later on they seem to purposely ignore me. They would even discuss their plan for the weekends infront of me and not say a word about inviting me! when I hint around they seem to not get it so when I asked them if I can go they all just said "oh I don't know, we'll see." And then they just never tell me the answer! so last week, I felt really isolated so I sat with a bunch of other girls at lunch and my friends got so mad t me because they didn't like that group of girls. I don't get it! they seem to not want me in their group but when I try to make new friends they get mad at me and say bad things about me behind my back. I hate my friends.