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i have been in the same school for 10 years. (im in 7th grade, 8th now because its summer) they are the most annoying people i have ever met. They dont know anything. i hate to say but they're stupid! and i'm stuck with them for another year! Its summer and i have no one to hang out with. i dont know where to meet people my ageĀ either. I hate basketball and softball, that kind of stuff, so were am i suppose to go to find new friends that i like. i dont want to spend the summer alone. I just can't manage another day with them
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1 Response Jun 8, 2012

i know that feel bro. im going in the 8th grade too and I HATE ALL OF MY FRIENDS. try making new friends, (thats what im doing) possible other friends youve put into the "just school friends" category. they may be cooler than you think! or if all hope is lost, theres always the internet to keep you company. try reddit.