I Am So Tired Of This And I Just Need A Real Friend I Can Really Talk To.

I am just so upset right now. Yes sure, I am a junior now and I am not that of a loner. I have my own group but still, I am really unhappy. So theres these three girls I sit with in class. I just met them this year but we began talking about random stuff and became quite close. But i just can't talk deep things with them. frankly, this whole friendship thing is just too light, we fool around, laugh in class, tease each other and all. but we never were really close and i feel so unsafe. these days, i m starting to feel like i am invisible. I pretend to laugh and i try to stay happy. when my parents ask me, i just tell them theres nothing wrong with me and school. i m feeling as if i don't belong. there are things that are happening in my life, like these situations but i don't feel safe to discuss that with them. mostly because, they would talk bad things about their really close friends even, virtually every time we converse, so how can you tell your feelings and share your secrets with those kind of people. I really want to get out of the group but that means, i have to spend the rest of this year isolated. of course there would be people talking to me but they are not true friends, if you know what I mean. with them, i don't feel like I am myself. I have to fake right about everything and that is so tiring. I truly want a real friend who i can really talk with. just taking it out on the net because i really have no one to talk these things to and i feel like a balloon that is ready to burst.
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2 Responses Jun 13, 2012

Oh, I know how you feel! I don't have any peers I can really discuss "deeper" things with, since everyone I know either refuses to listen or is emotionally excitable ("Oh my gosh, you were upset the other day?! Oh my gosh I am SOOOO sorry! Oh that is just the worst thing EVER!"). It's hard just chit-chatting but I guess I'll have to deal!

whats so bad about a bursted baloon? go ahead, burst. but burst in style.