My "friends"...

The only time my "friends" ever want to hang out with me is when they want something. The last time one of my "friends" wanted to hang out they wanted $40. The time before that they wanted $20... It's not like I don't try to get a hold of them to see if they want to go and do something. But even if I do, I have to pay for everything. It's so stupid. Also, if I don't say that I am going to spend money on them they decline to even hang out with me. What horrible friends...
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their not true friends, you will find your true friends. True friends are like stars sometimes you see them, sometimes you dont but they are always there.

Wow, I know this is kind of sudden but would you mind texting me? I'd like to talk about it

Not really, sometimes I wish I had just one. What about you?

If you asked me that three days ago I would have said yes. However, two days ago I figured out that she was just very good at hiding stabbing me in the back lol.

I've dropped a person like that in my life today. Don't give in to their selfish ways, you're better off alone. True friends are hard to find. I'm so giving that I forget about me, so I can relate.

Have you found any true friends?

These are not your friends, drop them! I'm speaking from experience.

Thanks :) Comments like this help me to not go back to them. lol It's sad but true. I even had one of them wanting something yesterday.

bad friends indeed

can i be your friend? i will never ask something from you :) you can ask anything from me, i would like to give what every you want, money or anything...

I know exactly what you mean... I had friends who were... not always happy and had lotsa problems, they only really talked to me when they wanted to talk about problems and vent. I'm a good listener and advice giver and love to help, but if the only reason they talk to me is because I listen well and am an advice machine then I say no. I tried talking about what's bothering me and they didn't care one bit. Now I'm not friends with them anymore, they can sink in an ocean full of poop and drown in pee for all I care. ^^<br />
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Anyways, true friends are rare... Even more rare than winning a lottery the day you were born. (which would be awesome btw haha)<br />
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I see true friends as people who you can depend on and trust with your life. Those who ask nothing and take what you give with thanks, who give as much back as they receive. True friends are those you can talk with whenever you need advice or vent, about the weirdest things without any discomfort. A true friend is someone who you'll always have fun with but in such a way that it will never get boring. A true friend doesn't cling to you like gum under a schooltable but just comes over when both friends want it etc etc.<br />
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Those "friends" of yours are not worthy of you. I say ditch 'em and find real friends! :)<br />
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Good luck!

:) You have no idea how much better I feel after reading your comment. Part of me feels like such a loser for having these people in my life and for letting them use me for all these years. I'm ready to move on now. I just want all my stuff back first lol.

Good that you've moved on. If friends are real you'll meet em, even without trying.

Haha yeah get all stuff back first, you don't want THEM to keep it haha. Rather give it to the trashcan haha.