They All Secretly Hate Me.

I've been friends with a group of five for a while now, three-four years, and they all secretly hate me. All the time I find out about them talking behind my back, how I'm a "spaz", how I'm a "douche", and then when they know I know, they expect me to just laugh it off. Maybe I'm overreacting, but all they seem to do is hate me secretly, and then expect me to act normal the next day. I can't trust any of them with secrets at all, 'cause the next thing they do is go off and tell everyone. I can't show them anything l write, (I write a little), 'cause all they do is make fun of me. I've tried finding other friends, but everybody else are pretty much the same. I don't know what to do.
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hello there.I really don't understand how people are capable of such cruelty and are ignorant of the repercussions of their actions.No,you are in no way overreacting and you certainly don't deserve this kind of treatment from anybody.I have a basic philosophy that i came up with because i was in the same situation as this a while back,that philosophy is that if someone treats or makes you feel like crap then they are not worth the time.Just follow what your heart and mind tell you because if you feel bad about something it's a sign that you should get out or away from it.It's great that you write and you should try and find like minded people.It hurts but you also get a lesson from it that builds you up to become a better person.True friends are out there so don't give up,just be yourself and enjoy your life.Chuck those "friends" out of your life and if you find yourself thinking about how they gossip about you just think to yourself "Wow they dedicate so much of their time and energy talking about me,i feel so bad for them for being jealous of my talent and style(or something else if you like) because i'm just that awesome i'm like a celebrity".Yeah it sounds conceited but it really worked for me.I hope i helped :).

I used to have the same problem. I worried too much about other people's opinions and it made me miserable. I tried to be friends with everyone and it didn't make a difference, they still gossiped, teased and hurt me. I learned that they are not friends, you don't need them. Make yourself happy and do the things you like, if you are happy then people will want to be with you and real friends don't stab you in the back. Go and make yourself happy and the real friends will be by your side, don't compromise who you are to make a friend:)

Thanks. I've been doing that, half the time I stay in and write, or just listen to music. But most of the time they just get annoyed even more and go and talk behind my back again. But I will try to not think too much of what they think, thank you.