I Hate My Friends

I hate them. They're boring as ****, and I'm not that type of person who judges peoples looks but how they push I want to say they're ugly as ****. My "best friend" is a fat ***** who says eveything I wear or how I act or what I have is retarded. I hate the word retarded and if its used to describe something a person thinks is great. She snatches my stuff and says its stupid. She verbally abuse me and once pinched me so hard on my arm I had gotten a bruise. My mom and aunt were wondering how I got it and I lied for her because my aunt likes her and she took me in on the first day of school. She makes me so angry sometimes. She made me carry her books all the way to lunch. I feel like a slave more than a friend. Knowing that there's not many people in the school I try to tough through it but that's not what my dad taught me. My other friend is annoying all she talks about is black people. Black people this, niggas that, niggalo, nigga roach, shut up!! I don't give a **** about black people (I'm black ) I have to live next to them my friends are black. Why can't we talk about something else than giving more racist names for people to call our race. SHUT THE **** UP YOU UGLY ****. I hate them so much why can't I be what I want to be. They say they want people NOT to jugde them but every ******* day they jugde me. I already feel defeated I don't need my so called "friends" to break me down any more...
Pinklace44 Pinklace44
13-15, F
Sep 11, 2012