Yet Another Rant About My Friends

So I have another friend, I'm going to call her Susan, and she deliberately angers me. She's the perfect student in school, and we make jokes about it, and she told us this whole story thing about her being homeless when she was five and wanting to be a doctor and nit wanting it to happen again. So we agreed not to make jokes about it anymore because it upset her. When I was maybe nine or ten, I had this friend who would just look through my things and take them as she wanted, and it really seriously upset me and it drove me to self harm, but that's not what this is about. Basically, i told Susan that had happened because Susan always runs away with my things and looks through everything I own. And Susan just laughs and carries on what she's doing. I also have privacy/personal space issues, I get no privacy whosoever so I don't like people being in my bedroom at all and I can't stand people touching me unless I let them. But anyway Susan keeps doing all those things and it really annoys me. And she treats me like i'm actually mentally stupid just because I'm not as smart as her, and she treats me like a five year old and talks to me like one even though she's almost a year younger than me. And I keep telling her not to but she thinks it's funny. And she just really gets on my nerves. I could fill a library with books about how she annoys me but this is all I'll put just now.
Clarissataylor Clarissataylor
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012