I Hate Them! Their So Mean!

My best friend is so mean to me. She never has ANYTHING nice to say to me, ever. It's always, your fat, ugly, lazy, weird, stupid, a *****. I never say anything like that to her. She just thinks she can walk all over me! I'm quiet and considered too nice. She also likes to push my buttons A LOT. It gives her se kind of pleasure. She also always complains about stupid sports, mostly track practice so i just listen. She always tells me all this useless, pointless **** that I couldn't care less about...but I still listen. She never listens to me! She always interrupts me or changes the subject. I honestly hate her most of the time and I have no idea why I am still friends with her. I want to tell at her but I don't wanna lose her cuz she's the only really close friend i have. I know she wouldn't ever let me leave her anyway...she tells me that all the time. There are some good things about her but they take a back seat to the bad ones. My other friends are also annoying and really close minded. I just wanna run away and be a hermit or something! I hate this stupid town and my stupid "friends."
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4 Responses Dec 2, 2012

She is not a friend. She is using you, controlling you and only cares about herself. You will continue to feel like crap until you tell her to **** off and then find a real friend.

yeah it's so horrible when you listen to all their complaints and problems AND OFFER ADVICE but when you open your mouth to share a little hardship, they just LOSE INTEREST? I know how you feel.

U can do it

I know how you feel some of my friends deliberately do the things that they know I can't stand
We should both run away and be hermits

Hahaha yes we should.