Inner Party Of House Owners.

My friends have recently created an inner circle of people who are married, about to get married, own a house, putting a down payment on a house, etc. Every time we hang out, thats ALL they want to talk about. It's awesome that they are doing all those things and I love listening to them but they NEVER include me in any of these conversations. When they ask how my day went, they quickly brush it off. Their constant judgment of how much I make or how I don't own a house is hurtful and makes me like you less.
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2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

They are insecure and think they have to own a house so people will like them. I've owned houses but now I rent. I like it much better. You don't have to worry that your house is worth less when you need to move someday. You should tell them how bad you feel that they are stuck with this mortgage for years and mention the housing market crash and unstable economy and how you're so glad you don't have to worry about that crap!

Because they live for and think of eachother all day. Seems you like theyre company in person and elsewhere you have other ideas. you no longer are on the same wavelength.