Bottle To The Limit

I have two friends in particular that I have the worst love hate relationship with. The worst part is I can't anything either. One likes to "steal" my ideas, the things I say or the way I feel towards something as her own. She exhaggerates and lies compulsively...even about things I was there for and as a cherry on top has the worst communication skills on the planet. The other one is over bearing, demands my time, tries to get me to do everything for her(like a mini power trip), puts in less effort in our friendship that me and assumes whatever she wants!!! I can't say anything to either of them because one helps make sure I get to work and the other temp. provides a roof over my head. I know the first would hang the moon for me and the other would make sure I would be ok.... But not with out making me pay for it in one way or another.
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Jan 12, 2013