Never Considered

In all my years I've NEVER had a friend that would treat me as if I were important. They would always have other friends that they would put FAR above me. If they had a choice to hang out with me or person x it would always be person x. It's as if I'm completely expendable and easily replaced...and sometimes they make me believe I am. Even now my inner circle of friends has their own inner circle and I'm the only one they decided to exclude. They constantly speak of all the things they do. They talk about how they hang out at each others house, how they go to restaurants and trips together (always recently) and they never even bothered to invite me. I sit at home all weekend and they have the audacity to tell me the story of their fun that they've had together. They only use me to tell me all their bullshit because they know nobody else will listen and when I hear them all I can think is "Go **** yourself with a cactus." It's ridiculous and I don't know why I even stay with them. I don't plan to much longer.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 18, 2013