And They Call Themselves My Friends

I read some of the things people posted on this sight so i just thought that i'd share my own story with you guys, it isn't as much as like everybody else's but i thought that i'd share.

It all started the night of October 24th2009, my three friends and I went to a party at our friend *********’s house and we partied like it was our last day on earth. All of us were so close that we sometimes finished each others sentences. We all had fun that night and never thought about anything really. We all went to the same school an alternative in our local district, all of us had a bad past and we hated it. And that’s what I thought was what kept us all close. Anyways that night when we all got passed out, my “friend” Jesse woke up and decided to have his own sort of fun. I was passed out in the living room near a couch that our friend Larry was sleeping on. Somewhere between midnight and one o’clock Jesse decided to take advantage of me. I was awake and not and when I was awake or at least knowing what was happening I would try all in my hardest to try and push him away. But nothing could stop him from having sex with me.


The next morning I told my friend Whitney about what happened and she told me that she heard us and said that I liked what was happening. I told her that I didn’t have a clue on what was happening and that I was trying to stop it. I showed her the bruises that were on my wrists, but she still called me a liar and went to another room in the house. All that Saturday I was left to ask myself if I really did like it and if I had asked for it. I didn’t remember it and when I asked Jesse about it he told me that I asked him before we started to drink that when everybody went to bed that if he would come out and spend some “alone time” with him. I told him that I would never ever say that.

I pushed any thought away that Jesse had taken advantage of me away until later that night when I started to remember things that I had been awake for. The bruises on my wrists showed that he had taken advantaged of me. That night when Jesse left to go and talk to his girl friend who called I told my “friends” that I was taken advantaged and that I wanted to go home. They all called me a lair and told me that if I went home to not even talk to them Monday morning. I told them that I didn’t need them and that I didn’t really care.

I went home that night and cried to my mother, I told her that we all had been doing drugs and that I don’t remember to agreeing to anything to have sex with Jesse. She told me that she believed me and she called our friend that is a doctor. She came over and looked at my inner thighs and wrists she checked to make sure that I was checking sure (she did a down stairs check). And she told my mother that there was damage and that we should file a report. Because I wanted to keep my friends and not have everybody mad at me I told my mom that I didn’t want to make a big deal about it.


My mom said that she understood so she didn’t make a report. That next Monday when I came to school all the kids in my grade level were glaring at me and whispering saying my name. I went up to my “friend” that I knew since fourth grade and asked her what was happening. She told me that it was because I was lair and a ****. And that what happened to me happened to me because I was begging for it and asking for it. I told her that she was wrong and she left me standing in the hallway. I broke into tears and went home that day.

A few weeks passed by and it seemed that everybody was still mad at me, I decided at that point to act like nothing really happened. I went to school and did my work, I ignored everybody and pushed anything stressful away until a month later. I was supposed to have my period but I didn’t. I told my mom and asked if it was because I was under stress and she told me that it could be because I might be pregnant.


I took a pregnancy test and it said that I was, I then went to the doctors and they took a blood test and it came up positive. By that time I meant a girl named Marissa. She was very nice and seemed to be my friend. I told her what happened and she freaked and told me that I needed to talk to Jesse about it. I never told Jesse because that day I started my period. Then that night I got an email from Jesse’s girl friend and she started to go off on me about how I seduced her boy friend into having sex with him. I told her that she was wrong and I blocked her.

Exactly two days later two of the people that were at the party came up to me and said that they wanted to know why I was saying rumors about them; it wasn’t true but I asked what kind of rumors. And they told me that I was saying that they were cheating on their boy friends and I said “well it’s true so it really isn’t a rumor.” They walked away and have yet to talk to me since then. That same day the person who had thrown the party came up to me and asked me what my problem was and why I haven’t said sorry to Jesse about the awful rumors that I had said about him.

I told her that it was because they were rumors or lies or anything that they were true. And that I didn’t need to say sorry to him and that he needed to say sorry to me. She rolled her eyes and told me that I didn’t need to think so highly of myself and that I needed to get off my high horse.


One month and semi weeks had passed and my “Friend” that I mentioned before who I had known since fourth grade came up to me and said that she was sorry about what she had said to me. She heard from Jesse’s close friend that he had confessed to him one night that he had taken advantage of me and that he liked it. We started to hang out again.

She moved and I was left to being back alone, the other four people that were at the party told me that she was spreading rumors about me. I told them that she would never do that. Which was a lie I knew that if she had a chance to save her butt that she would.


Another week passed and our school was closing down, everybody but the people that were close to Jesse told me that they were sorry about the nasty rumors that they were spreading about me and said that they wouldn’t do that again.

A lot of other things happened and the people that I had thought were my friends back then started to become my friends again. I added a few more people to my friends list and I became close with the other people that I had yet to have trouble with.

A week ago on Friday I went to another party at *********’s house and Jesse wasn’t there.

But that weekend there was the snow coming dance. And I wanted to go to it but it was on Saturday, so me and my newest friends went to it. I was told that a girl who I had currently been having troubles with was going to be at *********’s house and I said that I didn’t want to be there so when we returned to her house I packed up my stuff and I had my mom waiting outside.

******** asked me why I was leaving and I told her that I didn’t want to be at her house while (the person who I was having problems with was going 2 be there) and she got angry at me.

Monday when I got to school everybody was back to being mad at me and spreading nasty rumors about me. They ignore me and even my newest friends have turned on me and have become non trusting people.

 I guess it’s partly my own fault for having these problems but I really, really hate my friends. 

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dude hun it no your fault that guy raped you and none of you "friends" belived its something no one would lie about. If there gunna act that way after what happened to you then they dont deserve your friendship. Cut em out if they start be friended you just ignore and be rude to them.<br />
<br />
Dont be there for people that are going to treat you like ****.