My So Called 'friends'

So friends are ment to be there for you and comfort you wen u need them most through those hard times and wen ur most vulnerable right?  ....................WRONG! The truth of the matter is they only want to hang around with you at first and as soon as a few years past.. bam. They form some sort of team and turn against you. Now i know im not all that but without me these so called 'friends', wouldnt even be together. Well, it all started wen i was in yr7 i wuz friends with E which happened to be my best friend at the time. She was great! stook up for me, made me feel like she wuz always going to be there and always as one. we were unseperable.until yr 8 came, thats wen things started to turn. we started out fine in the same class, stil talkin and things were goin strong until the the new girl came. R! nobody liked her and she had noone to talk to so me and E thought hey why not let her hang around with us for a bit. nice idea right? we started to get a bit closer with the new girl and she was fitting in fine. she was funny and was always on the ball (energetic). late that year we were very fond of each other. until the third year,yr9! R decided to hang around with this other girl and i werent too sure about her. i mean she neva really did anything to me she just seemed alittle fishy and suspicious but i didnt let that bother me. i noticed she was hanging around like a 4 which i didnt seem to mind since it was me and E that created it in the first place. and were were very friendly but then came this year yr 10! were things all of a sudden backfired on me as if they all shot me in the head with a gun. I was feeling pushed out very slowly not too fast but slowly and shunned as if i werent there. but i still didnt let that bother me. they started being a bit nasty too me aswell so then i stook up for myself a bit they obviously didnt like that. so they backed off. we were doin an english test in the whole group and i didnt seem to cut it  very well so i went home ill so they could paticipate in the whole test and get the grade they all deserved without me getting in the way. then they all started to staop talking to me  they even went onto the social site and told me they didnt want me to hang around in their group stuff anymore so i wuz like fine.but through and through they di still talk to me. now, TODAY!!! Went to school with a very low self-esteem and wuz very vulnerable and sensitive to anything anyone said to me. R got close to A and wuz talkin very personal. i followed them up to top playground and heard A say to Ehurry up look who's behind you run and she looked back at me and ran up ahead. i went up to her as confronted her and asked her four times just so she'd reply' no one' she didnt even have the desencey to look at me so i walked off in a huff without looking back and felt a rush of anger flow through my head. and wanted to join with R downstairs but had no idea were she was so i  then walked around and had no clue as though what to do. i cvarried lunch out as normal eatin with THEM and hadnt sed a word. i shall maybe neva tlk 2 them its just temporary unitl i get my own back. Thats through each and every one of them. VANDETTAH IS MY VENGENCE AND VENGENCE IS MY INDIVIDUALITY

KimoizSweetheart KimoizSweetheart
13-15, F
Mar 3, 2010