You May Think They Are Close But They Are Not.

i known this girl since third grade but werent really close intill sventh grade. we were like best buddy in seventh grade, espically when we were in the magnet we were really close. she was like my best buddy and i was always there for her what  matter what. starting eighth grade we were still close intill she started to kiss ***. a week before winter break she got in to big trouble with these girls who wanted to hurt  here and i was there with her, nobody else but me was there for her. i wasnt even the one was going to get kick but even though i knew i was going to get in trouble hanging out wht her i still stood by her side and support her. after that we were still kool intill now. she think she is all popular and all that but she doesnt know how many people hate her. she even takes my best friend away from me even though i didnt know what i did. i am sick of it, i was her close friend but now she is treating me like this. i hope one day she will feel as bad as i do. i want to hurt her but i know i wont becuase hurting people wont solve my problems. i am just going to let it be and choose my friend wisely but i just want to forget about her. and i know that one day she is going to get hurt.

ticklemesmile ticklemesmile
13-15, F
Mar 15, 2010