I Want To Kill My Future Mother In Law!

The fiance and I have been planning our wedding for over 2 months now and at every step, his mother has had an issue with everything! First she kept harping on about how we're rushing in to this (We've been together more than 3 years!) Then there was an issue with something else and now when we're going to put in a deposit for the venue, she even has a problem with that. (Big surprise)

It's exhausting being at the receiving end of this. I've always been nice to her and I have always put up with her ****. She's a sly fox who never openly says she doesn't want us to get married but it's quite obvious with the hurdles that she's creating that she doesn't.

As of now, the fiance is exhausted with all the fights and arguments and I am uncertain of what's going to happen. He briefly suggested postponing the wedding but I don't see the point. She's still going to be a devil two months later or even three years later. Apparently, she's having a hard time dealing with this because it came as a surprise. What did she think would happen after 3 years together.

She's making this whole experience so unpleasant and negative.

How do I deal with this!
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2 Responses Dec 7, 2012

I agree, just ignore her and continue, making sure that HE is on board with the decision to go forward, also. If he cannot agree that it should take place (wedding) sooner than later, he really is just coddling HER or afraid of her response if he says no. The other problem this presents, if he did want to postpone - is that she has gotten inside his head, and perhaps he is doubting the relationship now also, after her prodding. If he is a "mama's boy" which many men are, they cannot handle disappointing their mother. If that's how he wants to live, fine! But you don't have to accept it.

Just ignore her, you are marrying your husband, not her. A lot of in-laws are like this, you're not the only one dealing with it. I am the same way but I and my boyfriend are not afraid of his mother. We are adults and completely capable of making our own decisions, you can't let this woman interfere with your plans. What would be funny is if you do like Dwayne did in the sitcom "A Different World" where he says to the brides mom "Hi, mom" and she faints. Lol, it's very funny because she really wasn't expecting them to marry, came as a shock to everyone.