Well Ex Gf....

she tries to talk to all of my friends and ask them to hang out and its ******* me off cuz we broke up and she doesnt need to be hanging out with MY friends in an obvious attempt to **** me off. what the hell should i do i explained it and she wont stop she thinks theyre her friends too and they arent i know for a fact
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2 Responses Apr 4, 2007

thanks, im trying but its hard nd my friends dont make it easy calling to ask if its ok to hang out with her and im like "um no its not" but they dont get it. I just hope it stops it bugs me every min

Truthfully as long as she can see its bothering you she will continue to do it. I know that sucks but thats her way of getting to you. As hard as this may sound try to act like you really don't care. Make sure you let all your friends know not to tell her any of your personal business. Eventually they will see through her if they don't already and they will start to blow her off. She will eventually get the hint. Meantime hang in there! I know its enough to wreck your nerves! It would aggrevate me too! I have had ex boyfriends do this to me before. They look for any little excuse to hang on to you even through your friends.