Nothing Happened!

I spent the weekend at my girlfriend's house for her birthday. It was my friest time to actually meet her and her family. She lives at her father's house with her brother. yesterdeay we spent the whole day together with one of her friend's. Movies, birthday dinner with her family, anythang and everything we could find to do. Eventually we got back to her house. I was tired but her and her friend wasn't. So all three of us sat up on her bed and talked. After a while I just leaned against her and started drifting off. I was so comfortable with her. I love her like nothing else in the world. She is my everything! Her and her friend stayed up and talked until her mom called us for cake and ice cream. All three of us had some and went right back to her room. We messed around with some cards that her friend brought and my ouji board(Nothing interesting with that). I most likely started drifting off again, at least until her dad came in the room. He told us that we had to sleep in the Den. Us being myself and my girlfriend. I don't remember how long we were in there watching another movie but soon enough her dad came in and called her over to talk to her by herself. I guess pretty much what he told her was that Her and I couldn't have sex! ME! HAVE SEX! I'm a virgin and plan on staying that way until Rings are exchanged and the preacher yells, "YOU MAY KISS THE BRIDE!"

All and all he doesn't know me very well and he obviously doesn't know his own daughter very well either. Nor does he trust her.

Well her and I were laying in the den for a good while and tried to get to sleep. We would have accomplished it too if her friend and her brother wern't up all night talking. Around two in the morning we were both pretty tired and just wanted to go to bed so we left the den and moved back to her room. She was sleeping almost as soon as we laid down. I stayed up for a while just to watch her. She's so beautiful. I was afraid to move. I didn't want to wake her up. I even moved away from her a little in order to let her sleep. Eventually I fell asleep too and only got up every once in a while to see if she was still sleeping.

The alarm went off at about seven thirty. She turned to shut it off and I just closed my eyes again while she turned back around and wrapped her arm around me. At that point I opened my eyes to look at her and stayed awake. My guess is at about seven fourty-five I suggested that we got back to the den. She agreed and we left her room.

Her mom got there at about eight to take her friend home. Her mom hugged all three of us(Even her friend that was going with her) and left. My girlfriend and I stayed in the den for a while until her dad got up and said good morning. Not long afterward we went back to her room to go through some notes I wrote and pictures that I drew. We didn't even get through all of them by nine twenty, when my mom got there to pick me up. Her dad was in a hurry to get me out it seemed. I got all my stuff around and hugged her goodbye before I got into the car. It was so hard to leave. I wanted to stay with her. My heart just sank deeper and deeper the further we got from her house to our ten hour trip home.

She called quite a few times. not even ten minutes after my mom and I were on the road she called just to tell me how much she missed me already. I thought I was going to die. I wanted to go back. I wanted to be with her!

well ten hours, lots of phone calls, and a shower later she called back. She found out why her dad wanted me out of there. He didn't trust us. She told him exactly what happened after he asked. All he said was that he was disappointed in her. He didn't believe her. His own daughter who was, in fact, eighteen starting yesterday. I feel sick. Just the thought that it is partally my fault that he doesn't trust her and a guarentee he completely HATES me! nothing at all happened! We both went to sleep!

Now I don't know what to do. I don't know what to tell her to do. I don't know how to make it better. I'm scarred to death that her dad is going to stop allowing us to talk. The phone and the internet is our only connection! If her finds a way to take both of them away then I'll die. I need to talk to her. She's everything! I don't know what I would do without her!

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Well first of all I think that your relationship with your girlfriend is just so sweet! I don't know why her father is not happy with you, it is a perfect teenage relationship, every teenager gets one, it would be different if you were a heavy smoker and was all violent, whats not to like?<br />
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My dad doesn't really want me getting a boyfriend at 13 (I am 13!) But when I am about 17 he would want me to get a boyfriend, he would try and match make! Her dad is just bonkers, something hit him in the head. Maybe you should tell him that you would not have sex before you are married, and get A+'s at school.<br />
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Best of luck :)

read that you had issues with your own dad - I'm sorry about that. but sounds like this dad truly loves his daughter (I can relate as my young 15 year old daughter, who is everything to me, is leaning towards this life style choice also). Its hard to let your daughter go like this. whether it be to a young man or woman, its just hard to let go. You want to protect her, take care of her, you've done so much for her already. Don't judge her dad like this, and show him your best side always. Eventually he'll get used to having to share his pride and joy with you and will back off a bit and be accepting. Just give him some time.....